Credit Cards for College Students
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Credit Cards for College Students

At some point in your life, owning a credit card becomes a smart idea. Establishing good credit early in your life can help you later buy your first home, a new car, or even qualify for a bank loan. Most people get their first credit card some time during college when offers are plentiful and incentives such as rebates and simple rewards are very appealing.

Getting a card in college can be useful and convenient. Without a full time job and most of your time being spent on studying, a credit card can get you through tight spots when your available cash won't make it through the month, yet you still need that next textbook or a decent late-night meal.

The convenience of owning plastic can't be overstated. Many local businesses won't accept paper checks any longer. You can always pay with cash, but for some reason, cash in your wallet or purse has a tendency to disappear quickly. Plus, it's hard to keep track of exactly where that money goes. A great benefit of using plastic is you receive an itemized statement at the end of the month that shows where and how you spent your money. And if the parents of the cardholder are actually paying the balances on the account, it's a terrific way for them to monitor and encourage their student's spending habits. Visit our short list of the best card offers.

When choosing your first credit card it is important to know exactly what the lenders are offering. What are the interest rates? How long does the introductory period last? Are there any hidden fees? Lenders will often offer a zero percent introductory rate for several months or even a year, with a higher interest rate going into effect after this introductory period. It's a good idea to apply only to well-known, established banks that you are already familiar with.

Credit cards for college students can be good things as long as they are used wisely and monthly payments are always made. College is a great time to begin your credit history and the right card can help ease the burden of paying for necessary expenses.

See a couple of the better cards designed for students.

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